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Research & Development

Research & Development

No Molecule is Difficult if you are ready to invest in Research & Development and has Good Team of Experts.

  • We confidently handle complex molecules in ways many others cannot since we have team of Ph.D and Masters with wide Research and Development and Clinical Bioequivalence(BE) experience for successful
    USFDA, MHRA and TGA filling.
  • We produce commercially feasible, non-infringing bioequivalent product.
  • We provide vision and leadership through internal research & development team
  • We seek and cultivate relationships with laboratories who perform the best research and development in formulation development.
  • We collaborate only with experienced, internationally licensed Contract Research Companies (CROs) certified by international regulatory bodies (e.g.  TGA, FDA, EU, ANVISA)
  • We pick the best accredited company to conduct In vivo profile to ensure quality delivery at all time.

Patent Strategies

We deal with patent issues from inception all the way through to product release. We develop non-infringing patent strategies for ready-to-market pharmaceutical products.

Review patent intelligence, identify patent-expiring molecules and provide non-infringing strategies

Resolve patent challenges for APIs, pharmaceutical formulations, method of treatment, use, packaging, polymorphic forms, particle size, and other intricate aspects of intellectual property rights
Strategies for post-market IP contests, if any